Johnny Manziel Pleads Responsible To Charges In False Id Situation

I’m a survivor. No, I don’t have a yellow ribbon on my lapel or a group that meets every Thursday night. Instead, I have a twenty-one year old daughter. And in order for her to have achieved that number, she and I had to go through her teenage years. It’s what I affectionately call, the “Seven Years of Hell.” Not that all of it was bad, mind you, because it wasn’t. But, like a malignant fungus, it began slowly and kind of crept up on my wife and myself. I tell you how it affected me during that period. Two words: Oh, My God!

In the area where I live I am outnumbered by Republicans 2 to 1 so that spurs me to get out and vote too. I wore a blue sweater to announce my allegiance to the Democrats and ensure I wouldn’t have to endure any chit chat with Republicans. I wasn’t in the mood. I voted for Obama as I remain upset that Hillary voted for the war and she has not apologized for that vote. Alas, as the evening grows later it looks like Obama is not the winner in New Jersey. News outlets are announcing Clinton has taken NJ (by about 10% over Obama) and NY. Obama is predicted to have won 10 states today so hope remains. The remainder of the primaries will be interesting and yet bittersweet, knowing that Obama did not win NJ will sting for the rest of the election season.

Character or Criminal Identity – This could be the longest lasting and most hurtful theft of all. Money and things can be replaced, but our character or name can’t be so easily replaced. A good name is to be treasured more than riches. If you are accused of something, aren’t you associated with that wrongdoing by people, sometimes for years to come, whether you were guilty or not? Isn’t that human nature to do this? If a criminal robs a bank, rapes, pillages, steals or whatever type crime he commits, who will get the blame if the criminal has YOUR identification? Can you see YOUR picture in the paper with an article of your alleged criminal activity?

Eliza Kruger says she met Mark Sanchez at a NYC nightclub on New Year’s Eve, and though she got into the club with a more info here, she told Mark the truth about her age. Mark Sanchez allegedly initially told the young Miss Kruger he couldn’t be with her until she was 18, but she said she informed him of the law, which apparently was on their side. She claims the two went back to his New Jersey home, whichc is “on a golf course”, and, er — spent some time together.

For an entire lifetime I had, had a secret death wish. When I finally hit my bottom and death seemed imminent I realized I wanted to live, that I am worthy and loved. Prior to this I was unable to give up drugs because I was always trying to do it for someone else–my kids, my boyfriend, my family, etc. This time it was for me. I saw that I was a horribly selfish person concerned only with my own hurts and desires. The world never had revolved around me, even though I thought it did. By this point I really couldn’t get any lower and had no excuses left.

Lord knows I did my share of drinking while in college. The stories I could tell about fake ID’s, sneaking into bars and drinking way too much! I just happen to be one of the fortunate ones who never got arrested or better yet, hurt. Looking back, only a few years ago, I have to ask myself was it worth it? I say now that it wasn’t.

This story comes from my sorority days. I went to a ‘crush party’. These type of parties were originally a secret Sadie Hawkins-type mixer, and you’d send out the invitations to your two ‘crushes’ anonymously. If/when they show up you reveal that you were the one that invited them and live happily ever after or some bull like that.

I did hyperventilate before blowing, so maybe that was what saved me: Here’s a site: explaining why I might have passed. Again I don’t condone any of these actions, but that was definitely an Embarrassing Bar Moment. Drink safely, and legally.

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